a diVine Wine Club

Do you enjoy Wine as much as we do? Joining the diVine Wine Club is the best thing for you to do. Beginning October 11th, diVine will start offering Wine Tastings for those that join our Wine Club. 


2nd Tuesday of
every other month.

(Thats 6 tastings a year)


Sample 15 Wines
with food pairings. 


$50 per person
$80 per couple
for a one-year subscription


With the diVine Wine Club, you will be able to sample 15 Wines with food pairings. It will be offered the 2nd Tuesday of every other month from 6pm-8pm. Thats 6 tastings a year! You will need to purchase a minimum of 12 bottles (for Single) or a minimum of 18 Bottles (for couples) each wine tasting event that you attend.
Don't like the wines that you sampled during an event?

You will be able to order wines that were sampled from previous events!
Wines ordered from the event will be available for pick up at diVine on the following Thursday after 5pm
(all Wine must be picked up on Thursday unless arranged otherwise with staff.)
There will be limited spaces available for the wine club, so make sure to register today! 

Click the button below to send us an email about your interest in signing up.